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Want to get all of your hunting buddies cranked up? Ask them the pros and cons of fixed blade vs mechanical broadheads. Most bowhunters have a very strong opinion on the subject, one way or the other.

In recent years more and more broadhead companies are making micro diameter fixed-blade broadheads. These small diameter heads usually have a cutting diameter of around an inch so they fly extremely well out of the latest high speed bows.

One of the bowhunters who prefers a mechanical broadhead because they fly extremely well in flight and open up upon impact to create a large cutting diameter is Matt Bateman from Grim Reaper Broadheads.

Matt Bateman told me, “My favorite broadhead is the 1 3/8’s-cut Razortip from Grim Reaper Broadheads. It flies like a dart and creates a good bloodtrail,”. “Some bowhunters prefer a larger cutting diameter broadhead like our Whitetail Special which has a 2-inch cutting diameter.”

For those that don’t want a micro fixed blade but worry about a mechanical head failing there is the new Hybrid broadheads which many believe is the best of both worlds. “In the last few years hybrid broadheads have become more popular,” said Bateman. “They offer the best of both worlds. They have both fixed blades and mechanical blades so if for some reason the mechanical blades fail the bowhunter still has a broadhead that will kill the animal. Our hybrid broadheads fly like darts and are gaining in popularity,”

One of the nicest things about a hybrid broadhead is they create a devastating wound. “A lot of hunters that give the hybrid broadhead a try never switch to any other head again. The guys that like them a lot stick with them,” Bateman noted.

To learn more about Hybrid broadheads listen to a podcast with Matt Bateman about the pros and cons of hybrid broadheads by clicking the link below.

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