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Bowhunters United is a national consumer bowhunting organization for current and potential bowhunters. It was launched in October 2020 with a goal of building a strong future for bow hunters. BU will also provide space for bowhunters to share their passion with other bowhunting enthusiasts, and encourage members to become mentors, informed conservationists, better bowhunting advocates, and responsible public-land stewards.

The archery/bowhunting industry and Archery Trade Association are sponsoring the Bowhunters United liftoff, but plan to step back once the organization is well-established. The ATA and BU organizations are not directly connected. That is, ATA members and BU members do not belong to each other’s organizations. Therefore, BU members cannot attend the ATA Trade Show or receive ATA-member benefits.

ATA staff and Board of Director members first discussed the potential of a consumer organization in early 2018. They established a “consumer organization feasibility study” in August 2018 as one of 11 initiatives in the ATA’s strategic planning process. ATA staff worked with vendors and researchers to determine if a bowhunting-specific consumer organization was feasible and desired. When the answers were positive, ATA staff began developing the organization.

Consumers can join BU for $30 to help make a difference in the bowhunting community, and show their dedication to bowhunting. Funds generated through BU will be used to advocate for bowhunting, conserve public lands, and build the next generation of bowhunters through specific training, education and related programs.

Members will receive a window decal, vinyl sticker, membership gift, and membership card. They’ll also have access to tools and knowledge to become better bowhunters, mentors, conservationists, and stewards of our natural resources.

Visit bowhuntersunited.com for more information about the organization’s goals and mission.

By: BU Staff

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