Family Friendly Bowhunting- Take the Whole Gang


Jay and Amy Liechty took their five children on a deer hunt in West Virginia and had the time of their lives.  Each youngster bagged a deer and they returned to their Utah home with coolers full of venison and memories to last a lifetime.  Many states offer special hunting licenses and prices for youngsters and if you are leaving your children, or grandchildren, at home, you are missing out on life’s great adventures.

Alivia, nine years old, used a Ravin crossbow to take this big doe, the first harvest of the trip. She was hunting from a ground blind near an apple tree that had late-season apples and was visited regularly by deer each evening.  Alivia showed great patience in the blind and waited until a big doe stood broadside and pushed the Grim Reaper, Micro-hybrid through both lungs, dropping the doe in sight, as advertised.  Dad coached her through the process and they were both ecstatic about the success.  Her brother Bentley, shown above, took notes and couldn’t wait for his turn.

Make it a Camping Trip-

The family rented a rustic cabin along the Shaver’s Fork of the Cheat River just outside of Elkins West Virginia.  Located in a campground the cabin made for an economical way for everyone to spend time together.  Rural cabins can be found on Air BnB and other rental sites and were able to use their rustic accommodations for breakfast and lunch each day, an important element for a family of seven.  Two days were wet and having a cabin to dry clothes and just have fun was a plus.


Outdoor Adventure

Alivia was the first to sight in the Ravin after the long flight from Utah.  Each of the children took turns practicing on a 3-D target.  In all, they used a TenPoint crossbow, a Ravin, and an Excalibur.  Hunting with Bruce Ryan, they took turns hunting from four blinds and three ladder stands, ideal for youngsters to climb into and down from.  In mid-day, they fished in a local stream and practiced with the crossbows in their non-hunting hours.  Christain put his practice to use and downed the second deer of the trip, ambushing a doe between a bedding and feeding area.


A Crossbow Safari

Bentley and Alivia went to a blind that had a good opportunity for a wild turkey.  Bruce set up a panel blind and had a flock of birds feed past them, yet did not get a shot.  West Virginia offers an amazing variety of game and bear, turkey, and deer seasons run concurrently.  Imagine the excitement of two youngsters in a blind when a huge black bear walks by.

Girls and Boys

Once upon a time, dads took just their sons hunting.  Today, mom is probably in the game and there is no way any young girl is going to allow a brother to try something she can’t.  If you are a traditional dad, you will quickly learn that girls seem to have a knack for shooting and often outperform males of the same age.  Make hunting a family affair with each child allowed the preference about what he/she prefers in stand hunting, bow shooting, and the like.


Hand Made Broadheads

“I couldn’t believe the damage done by the Grim Reaper Hybrid 125-grain Crossbow Head,” said Ryan.  “Jay Liechty nicknamed it the “Devastator” which is very appropriate for the amount of tissue severed by the huge head.”  Liechty designed the broadhead to solve the age-old question about which is better.  Fixed or expandable?  This broadhead offers both benefits.  Liechty makes each Grim Reaper broadhead by hand and they are 100 percent Made in America.

Keep the Fun in the Hunt-

Victor, 17, smiled with his dad in the featured image while Taylor, 15, shows his prowess with this great doe.  It’s wonderful that the Liechty family was able to harvest five deer, but you can bet that they had plenty of fun in and out of the blinds.  If you take your youngsters afield, make sure that you have plenty to eat and drink.  Kids seem to be constantly hungry and make sure they eat what they like.  Save the broccoli and salads for the way home as they will be burning plenty of calories outdoors.  Teach them about nature, the sounds that squirrels make, how to identify deer sign (including scat), and how to identify trees.  The more they learn the more they will want to learn and your best hunting buddy will magnify the enjoyment of every hunt well into your years.

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